Business Coaching Sessions


Coaching is a valuable tool that benefits individuals and their businesses.  Coaching helps you to recognize and realize your goals.  It helps you to utilize your unique strengths and manage yourself more effectively.  Through coaching the business owner can identify and work around limitations and learn to focus their intention and resources to create a profitable and fulfilling enterprise.

“Coaching is the facilitation of learning and development with the purpose of improving performance and enhancing effective action, goal achievement and personal satisfaction.  It invariably involves growth and change, whether that is in perspective, attitude or behavior.”

Peter Bluckert,   The Foundations of a Psychological Approach to Executive Coaching


The Coaching begins with an initial intake session.  The Coach and the Business Owner set up regular meetings with an agreement on the length of each session, perhaps 30 to 60 minutes.

The sessions are designed to help the business owner:

  • Gain clarity in their thinking and business direction
  • Become more productive, effective and creative
  • Take stock of where they are at and stay on track with their goals
  • Clarify their outcomes and what they need to do to achieve them
  • Make steady progress towards developing a profitable business

As business owners who are very busy, prioritizing becomes an increasing challenge.  We have so many commitments, we don’t always successfully prioritize.  A Business Coach holds us to our deadlines, our commitments and our goals.

Counselor, Trainer, Mentor, or Coach?

  • If you have issues from the past, painful feelings or conflicts to sort out  – seek counseling or therapy.
  • If you need to learn or develop a particular skill – seek out training
  • If you want ongoing guidance from someone with specific subject expertise – seek out a mentor
  • But Coaches assist, challenge and encourage rather than teach. A coach will not tell you what you should do, or how you should do it.  You work that out yourself.  You will soon learn what motivates you and what gets in your way.  You’ll  begin to develop skills for self-management that go far beyond your business development interests.

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