We are looking for your feedback as we undertake our project:
 “Promoting Youth Inclusion in Rural Labour Markets”

The goal for this project is to help employers attract and retain youth workers, and provide youth with the information and skills they need to successfully navigate rural labour markets. Fill out a survey for your chance to win a FREE Ipad!!



Millennial Survey

Millennials are currently the largest cohort in the Canadian labour market. If you are a young adult please fill out this survey which asks some questions about your values in the workplace.

This information will be used to inform employers about what factors are important to Millennials in the workplace.

Employer Survey

If you are an employer who hires youth workers and would like to learn how to improve the attraction and retention of Millennials please fill out this survey.

This information will be used to provide you with a customized report which will assess how the values our Millennial workforce compares to your business’s workplace culture.


Funding for this project was received from the Ontario 150 Partnership Program, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.  Project partners include the County of Wellington, University of Guelph, Conestoga College and the Wellington Waterloo Community Futures Development Corporation.