Business Mentors

Business Mentors

Mentoring research shows that:

  • 82% of businesses that received mentoring survived their first two years in business, while only 69% of businesses that did not receive mentoring survive their first two years in business.
  • The businesses that received mentoring also increased their revenue by an average of 106% while the businesses that did not receive mentoring averaged a 14% increase in revenue.

Why not give yourself the help you need, get advice from experienced business mentors.

Whether you have concrete questions about your specific situation, are looking for advice, or just need to chat with someone who understands entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it, a mentor can help!    When you join our training program you can schedule one-on-one time with a business mentor who has had a very successful business career and is willing to give you some pointers.


Let us become a part of your team, we want to help.


“Most start up entrepreneurs might avoid having a mentor because they fear interference, but once you get confident, get on the same wavelength, life becomes a lot easier. Ours kept us ahead of the game.” – Vinnie Green, White Car

Meet our Mentors

We have a great group of experienced and successful business mentors that are interested in helping your small business thrive.  Designed to meet the time constraints of busy entrepreneurs, you can make arrangements that are beneficial and easy for both of you to work with.

Carolyn Skimson – a former CEO of Groves Hospital, Carolyn has incredible skills in organization, planning and sound business practices. She enjoys helping small businesses with their strategic planning and organization.




Brian Cowan  – Brian is a seasoned business executive with domestic and international experience in the areas of information technology, sales, marketing, acquisitions and joint ventures.  He has proven success in developing and executing plans in both established and start-up businesses.  He has established excellent relationships with decision makers in government, professional bodies and financial institutions.



Hopeton D’Aguilar – Hopeton’s passion is to see businesses and individuals grow and prosper.  He has held many executive positions with larger companies as well as owning and operating two of his own local businesses: a metal processing and distribution company as well as a business consulting group focused on startup, takeover, continuous improvement and turn around.  His background includes business development, financial  management,  and accounting.


Ross Shantz – Ross has an extensive background in farming. He assisted his family farming operation to grow into a turkey research and breeding company which eventually encompassed 14 farms, two hatcheries and had affiliate operations in the USA, Brazil, Hungary and Ireland.  Ross then went on to co-found the Mercedes Corp. which was involved with the development of Farmers markets, Outlet malls, and long-term health care facilities. He is well versed in business development and strategic planning.



Julien R. Den Tandt PAg. ( retired)  – Julien held a number of senior management positions in firms that marketed products around the world.  He specialized in helping firms identify key areas that required change.  Once shortcomings were identified, action plans were then designed and implemented.  Julien enjoys sharing his management knowledge and experience with organizations that enjoy the challenge of change management.




Nick Harris –  Nick is a seasoned business professional with a background in manufacturing and the service industry.  He has a diverse range of experience including business and financial analysis, strategic and tactical planning, small business development, supply chain management, business environment and competitor analysis, technical sales and management of joint venture operations and agreements.




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