Strategic Planning Get-A-Way

Spending too much time working in the business instead of on the business?  Get out of the office and join other entrepreneurs and your business coach for an afternoon of Strategic Planning. 

Come have snacks and conversation with people who have the same focus as you do…building small business profits!

We will work through a Strategic Planning Review sheet and help you create a plan for the upcoming months and year.  It’s just more fun to do planning with others who could provide perspective and new ideas!

This session is facilitated by Tina Heathers, WWCF Business Coach and Trainer



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Pitch Perfect: Designing the Right Message for Your Target Audience


Emails, phone calls, text and social media messages… each day people are receiving information in so many forms, at an increasingly rapid rate.  It is time to break through the noise and to GET NOTICED!  Is your audience truly hearing you? 

Telling the story of your business is challenging, in this session participants will explore how to:

–  Create power statements:  How to describe your business in two sentences or less

–  Design brand consistency: How to craft a clear representation through many communication channels

– Tactical application:  How to best present your business in the right way, with the appropriate channel to achieve your goal


Guest Speaker Holly Cybulski

With over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry, concentrating her professional endeavors in communications, Holly Cybulski’s portfolio is vast. Her motto is simple, “say what you mean, and mean what you say”. 

A professor of communications at Seneca@York University, she offers an international perspective in public relations, having completed her Masters in Strategic Communication abroad at UCLAN in England.

Throughout her career Holly has worked with some of the world’s most famous names and brands, from Charlize Theron, Brian Mulroney, Twilight’s Taylor Lautner, The Black Eyed Peas’ drummer Keith Harris, and David Cronenberg; to overseeing public relations campaigns for such clients as Second Cup, University Health Network, hmv, MDM Recordings Inc./Universal Music Canada, Berkshire Media Distribution, HarperCollins Canada, TVO, the list goes on… 

She is a member of numerous professional associations, including the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS), International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Canadian Academy of Recordings Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA), and is passionately involved with numerous charitable organizations including Dixon Hall, and volunteering abroad in Romania with Habitat for Humanity.

Email Tina to Register

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True Colors – Understand How People Think and You will Connect Better


True Colors is a proven and successful personality testing system that helps us understand ourselves, our family, but more importantly for business, it helps us understand our employees and our customers.

Relating and connecting to people creates bonds and relationships that are necessary for building your business.

Your ability to understand your customers personality style will help influence their buying decision.

Everything in business is about people.  

In this workshop you will learn to understand yourself better and how you interact with others

You will see the other personality styles in the room and learn what motivates and drives them.

Team Building

This is a great opportunity to bring your team.  The workshop is $45 per business, bring as many people as you like from your business.

Our Facilitator

The workshop will be facilitated by Paula Baker, a True Colors Certified Trainer.

Email Tina to Register

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Increase Your Social Smarts – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Frustrated with your Social Media?

Move from simply having an online presence to being truly visible online and breakthrough the online noise.  Social Media is a crowded space these days and standing out can be tough. But not if you have the right strategies. 


Join us to learn:


How to incorporate the latest features in your social media marketing.

Choose the right social media platform and the strategies behind success for that platform.

What content creates the most engagement and how hashtags can help you reach a broader audience.

The steps to creating a content calendar to keep you on track with your social media goals.

Each attendee will take home Stacy’s customized Social Media planner for small businesses. 


Learn more about Stacy Maynard… click here


Register for this workshop


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Developing New Markets to Expand and Grow Your Business

Sign Up Here

Special Event with Limited Seating

Reserve your Spot Today!

This workshop is focused on helping small businesses to grow and prosper through New Market Development. We will discuss topics such as:

  • Assessing your current organizational position – are you ready for new growth?
  • How to determine the most advantageous new markets and new products to target.
  • The importance of assessing people skills in determining who will manage and support your expanding enterprise.
  • The importance of good advertising, promotion and marketing
  • Are you and your business ready to consider the export side of business.


This workshop will be held at The Stone Crock Meeting Room – The Grand Room, above the restaurant in St. Jacobs

Stone Crock Restaurant

1396 King St. N St. Jacobs


Workshop Facilitator

Julien R. Den Tandt PAg. (Retired) – Julien held a number of senior management positions in firms that marketed products around the world.  He specialized in helping firms identify key areas that required change.  Once shortcomings were identified, action plans were then designed and implemented.  

Julien is part of the Community Futures Mentor team, regularly helping rural business owners to grow and develop their businesses.



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Working With QuickBooks


If you use Quick Books for Desk Top, and would like some help understanding and utilizing all the various functions, come hang out with Jane for the morning.  This open forum Q&A will provide insight on how to more effectively use your QuickBooks program.

You could discuss things like:

  • Setting up your QuickBooks file
  • Setting up your “chart of accounts”
  • Add and track the products and services you sell
  • Create “product categories”
  • Setup new vendors
  • Enter credit card expenses
  • Enter invoices and record payment for vendors
  • Create Purchase Orders and receiving reports
  • Track the quantity and cost of inventory (and cost of goods sold)
  • Setup your customers and clients
  • Create invoices that can automatically be emailed to customers
  • Record receiving payment from customers against their invoices
  • Create estimates or proposals
  • How to balance and reconcile your bank accounts
  • “Write” checks out of QuickBooks or enter checks you’ve handwritten
  • Print checks from QuickBooks
  • Accessing financial reports

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Webinar on Wave Accounting

wave accounting imageJoin us for our introduction to Wave Accounting.  This webinar will feature Anna Pilon, a member of the Wave Accounting Pro network.  Anna spends her time teaching and helping small business owners to work with Wave Accounting.  Wave is a FREE online accounting package specifically designed for the small business owner.


Register today to participate in this online discussion.


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Postponed – Mobile Marketing Workshop

This workshop has been postponed to May

According to trend watchers, the message for businesses this year is GO MOBILE.  In 2018 Mobile Marketing needs to be more then just Social Media to engage people who use smart phones and/or tablets as their first – and many times only – device.  


During this workshop we will be discussing the pros and cons of various marketing methods including: mobile friendly websites, blogs, apps, video, info-graphics and more

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Everything I Learned About Customer Service, I Learned In Prison

There is way more to Professional Customer Service than most people realize.  It contains mental and emotional factors that business owners and staff should understand if they want to create authentic bonds with their customers and ensure long term loyalty


In this workshop we will have an in depth look at:

  • How you presently perceive customer service
  • How your customers perceive it and what they really expect
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Managing customer expectations
  • How to ensure you and your staff are consistently providing excellent customer service, not just being friendly



Join us for this fun and informative presentation by Neil Dunsmore.  His background as a hostage negotiator and small business owner have given him a unique perspective into the mind and emotions of a wide range of people and their behaviors.

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