Small Business Review

Have a review of the core areas of business development:


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Operations and Efficiencies

  1. Is your menu of services clearly defined with clear pricing?
  2. Do you have a full payment system that is easy for the customer to buy?
  3. Do you have a system for customer management and follow-up?
  4. How do you record your sales and manage your inventory?
  5. What record keeping system are you using and how do you file your paperwork?
  6. Do you have a sales support system where customers can access additional information about your products and services?
  7. How often do you do strategic planning and review your productivity?

Sales & Marketing

  1. Is your branding and image clear and consistent?
  2. How many networking events/groups are you participating in?
  3. How are your personal selling skills?
  4. Are you and your team skilled and confident with your customer service policies and interactions?
  5. Can everyone on your team describe and speak about your products & services in a professional and enticing manner?
  6. How confident are you with your pricing & profit margins?  How often do you discount?
  7. How effective is your website and social media? Do you review the analytics?
  8. Do you have an updated marketing plan in place that you refer to and revise when necessary?

Understanding Your Finances

  1. Do you produce monthly and/or quarterly financial statements?  Both the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet?
  2. How much does the business pay you?  Is it enough?
  3. Do you have multiple streams of income?
  4. Are you looking for additional products and services to add to your business?
  5. Is every product or service you offer profitable?
  6. Could you produce a cashflow forecast for the next 12 months?
  7. Do you have financial projections, sales and net profit goals for this year, next year, and 5 years?
  8. Will you need financing to grow your business and have you investigated loan options?

Team Development

  1. Who helps you – who are your mentors, coaches, or friends that could help you grow your business?
  2. Will you need to hire soon and what skills would you be looking for?
  3. Do you have a hiring and firing philosophy and game plan?
  4. Can you afford to hire?  Do you know what sales volume you will need to reach to cover the expense of an additional employee?
  5. Do you have written job descriptions and an organizational chart?
  6. Do you have clear human resource policies?
  7. Have you created a training and education plan to be prepared for the skills required to grow?
  8. Is everyone on your team onboard with your company vision and mission?

You the Entrepreneur and Business Owner

  1. How is your stress management and mental health?
  2. How good are you with time management & work life balance?
  3. How is your health, stamina, mental clarity and focus?
  4. Why are you doing this?   Do you still have passion and inspiration for your business?
  5. Are you good at overcoming fear and challenges?
  6. Do you have a positive philosophy of success & money?
  7. Are you learning, growing and developing new skills?

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