Online Training

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Online/Video Conference Coaching Sessions

Have you tried online coaching?  It is the most efficient and productive way to get help with growing your business.  No need to drive and organize meeting locations.  Just book a session and get business coaching and assistance right from your home or office. We use GoToMeeting –  a system that allows us to chat and see each other via webcam and share our screens to see documents and analyse business data.  You don’t need any special software to participate.  Try a session today and see how easy it is.  

Phone Coaching

Phone Coaching Sessions

Phone coaching is a very simple way to get answers and business insight quickly. Just email to book a time for you call. We can discuss any business questions you have. No travel necessary and sessions can usually be scheduled much faster than coordinating a face to face meeting.


Online Training Videos

Want to learn some quick tips from an expert?  Join our Training Program to watch our training videos any time you want. All our online training videos are created by local experts

Training and coaching sessions can include any of the following topics:

Feasibility review session: Can my business make a decent profit?

Bring your financials, past, present, and future projections, and sit with an experienced business expert to review the profit potential of your business. Find out what your financial statements are really saying.

Develop a marketing plan

Sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to create a full marketing plan. Our business expert will walk you through a marketing plan outline and help you put your thoughts down on paper to finally implement a plan.

Organizational assessment

Come review your operational and organizational systems. Could you be more effective? Are you seeing the big picture? Have you created systems that will help you implement your goals?

Office management

If your anxiety stems from disorganization and office administration issues, come to our office for customized solutions.

The home-based business

Learn the secrets to operating a home-based business including how to increase your focus and balance work and family time.

Creating an excellent team

Learn some great tips on how to spot a good potential employee as well as how to interview, train, set expectations, and let an employee go when necessary.

Advertising & business image review

Have an in-depth review of your company image and how you are perceived in the marketplace. This session focuses on the consistency of your branding efforts and how it is carried through all of your marketing materials.

Online business assessment

An assessment of your online presence, this review will address your social media, website, and connections throughout the Internet. Are you familiar with SEO practices or tracking your social media’s return on investment? We can help you establish social media channels to better get the word out about your business.

Sales training

Do you know how much information the average customer in your industry requires in order to make a sale? This session reviews how you communicate about your products and services. If you need assistance learning about the different type of buyers and the need for different approaches, this is the session for you.

Merchandising and display

How does your business look to customers? Image is everything in a retail space because many people are so visual that they become easily turned off by poor environments. In this session discuss how your visual environment and layout is affecting your sales.

Customer service review

What is your customer service policy and is everyone working for you implementing it? Come to review the new standards for excellent customer service and how you can better meet customer’s needs.

Stress management

If you’re trying to juggle too many tasks and starting to make sacrifices negatively affecting your business growth, come to chat about strategies to better manage your stress, empower your business, and reach peak levels of performance.

Strategic planning

If you need help finding clear direction or implementing a plan, book time for this session and meet with an expert to help get you focused and organize a plan of action.

Buying or selling a business

If you have questions about business valuation or are thinking about buying or selling a business, come to meet with someone to walk you through the details of this process.

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