About the WWCF

The Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures (WWCF) is a not-for-profit, federally supported, organization governed by volunteers in partnership with Industry Canada.

Promoting economic growth in the County of Wellington and the Region of Waterloo, we offer three types of services including business financing (for startups, small business expansion, and community projects), an award-winning business training program and Community Economic Development.

Business Consultation & Advisory Services

If you have a business idea you are working to set in motion, you can meet with our knowledgeable staff about the local market place and the possible challenges involved. We can assist you in planning, direct you to available federal, provincial and local expertise, and help translate your research into reality. Whether or not you are seeking to access financing, we can help with the development and execution of your business plan. Templates for starting your business plan can be found here.

Providing you with information on government programs, publications, and preliminary counselling assistance at no cost, our consultation service will enable you to proceed with your own business planning or move forward in acquiring further coaching with our Business Excellence Training Program.

Community Economic Development

The Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures is actively involved with the local interest groups that are responsible for making decisions for economic growth in their communities. We strive to support them with communication between business and government, as well as access to training and development opportunities that will assist in growing healthy and vibrant communities. read more

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